Comedian pokes fun at bread and cake

Comedian Mike E. Winfield has been seen on shows like “Comics Without Borders,” on Showtime, and “Late Show with David Letterman,” and recently students were able to enjoy his show at Eastern.

Winfield performed his comedic act in the PUB on Feb. 5 and was sponsored by Eagle Entertainment.

To break the ice, Winfield began his act with a few jokes about the weather and college life and even spoke about the proper way to pronounce the word Cheney. However, his act truly began when he started talking about his appearance.

Winfield, whose afro adds a few inches to his height, said he gets a lot of questions about his hair.

“‘I just want to touch it. Is it hard? Is it soft? What happens when you put water in it. Do you even need a pillow,’” asked Winfield. “Well, I’m not going to tell you the answer.”

Before using his looks to make people laugh, Winfield made a living by working in a grocery store.

“I worked the steal, otherwise known as the self-checkout stand. I literally got paid to watch people steal,” Winfield said. “My boss wanted me to do something about it, but I knew that I would just get yelled at for trying to stop them.”

He continued to tell the audience about an instance when he and a customer were arguing with each other, and what he had to say next became somewhat of the theme the rest of the night.

“To end the argument you just have to tell them the old saying, ‘You can’t steal the cake mix, if you ain’t stole the bowl,’” Winfield said.

Dumbfounded, the audience sat in silence until Winfield clarified.

“Just kidding, I made that up. But, it’s true isn’t it? How are you going to mix the cake if you ain’t got the bowl,” he said.

Freshman Ra’layzia Cyprian said that was her favorite part.

“It was really funny and I think overall he did a really good job,” Cyprian said. “I think I was laughing the hardest in the crowd.”

Winfield proceeded by telling jokes about grocery store produce, women and relationships.

Freshman Sydney Webster said, “My favorite part was when he was joking around about the bread.”

Webster was referring to when Winfield said silence was the worst in a relationship. He knew when he had upset his girlfriend when she didn’t say it but showed it.

“You know your girl is mad at you when she makes you a sandwich … with both ends of the loaf. She even tried to trick me by turning the bread inside out,” said Winfield.

“I loved it. I thought he was really good,”said Alahn White, a freshman at EWU.

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