Surviving senioritis starts with outside motivation

Senioritis is the crippling “disease” that seems to seep in around this time of year, with the symptoms of excessive laziness and lack of studying.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid senioritis. EWU students weigh in on how they are staying motivated until graduation.

“I try to involve myself in other activities outside of school and stay active,” said EWU senior Abigail Wegley, who is also completing an internship and is a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority.

EWU senior Alli Mcdonald said seniors should realize how close graduation is. “I think for me focusing on graduation and it being so close helps,” said McDonald.

EWU senior Jessica Linder agrees focus is a great tool.

“Your hard work is going to only benefit you in your future. It’s kind of like finals week, I knew I was so close to being done, but I wanted to make sure I gave it my all because when I’m done I get to celebrate and know that I tried my hardest to do the best that I could to finish strong,” Linder said.

According to the National Association for College Commission Counseling, there are ways a student can avoid the dreaded disease, as pointed out in the article “Tips for Senioritis.”

First, the NACC suggests planning ahead.

“The best tool is a calendar or a day planner. Write down all of your deadlines for applications, papers, tests and so on. Then note your other activities, your sports, drama or band rehearsals. Then, map out what you have to do,” said the NACC.

“I designed my schedule so I wouldn’t be taking a full load the last quarter in case I was super burnt out,” said Mcdonald, who agrees planning ahead is important.

In addition, the NACC suggests students should try to talk about feelings of anxiety or stress and avoid over-thinking.

“Useful people to talk to are your friends who are going through the same things you are, your parents, your guidance counselor and other adults whom you respect,”said the NACC.

The NACC’s final piece of advice is simply to have fun.

“I try to have fun and forget that I am a senior,” said Wegley. “These are the days I’ll always remember.”

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