Gonzaga, and Goals, and Grad School! Oh my! 

With my year as Miss Washington complete and a bachelor’s degree in hand, I am ready for new obstacles to triumph. Never did I think that, that would come in the form of grad school. However, when the opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t say no.

So, now you may wonder…

Q: What are you going to school for?

A: I’ll be getting my master’s in Communications & Leadership Studies. If you know me, you realize that this is right up my alley! Gonzaga is known for their leadership programs and this is a perfect combination of what I studied at Eastern and my passion for leadership.

Q: Why get a Master’s in communications?

A:  I think it’s no secret that in today’s business world it’s mostly about who you know and not as much about what you know-especially in the comm/PR world. However, this is now a personal goal that I have set for myself. I never want to stop learning and growing. I think this next chapter will be able to challenge me in new ways that I never imagined and I am excited to see what doors it opens.

Q: But, I thought you were moving to Boston?

A: I still get to! That is the beauty of this program! You have the opportunity to complete courses online, on-campus or a hybrid of the two. For now, I’ll be completing classing online and from Boston.

Q: What would like to do with this degree?

A: The sports industry is still my main focus, but I am also hoping this program introduces me to some humanitarian work as well. My dream job would be working for a community relations department for a Major League Baseabll team.

Why should we ever stop challenging ourselves to do better and be more? I say go after what you are passionate about, go after what scares you and go Zags!

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