Sweet Spots: New York

There are few foods I enjoy more than sweets. While exploring New York this week, I came across two locations that were just as colorful as they were tasty.

The first is The Bagel Store in Brooklyn. Known for creating the original rainbow bagel, this small shop has fun when baking their carb-loaded creations. During my visit, they also had a black, purple, red, and blue swirled bagel inspired by the new movie Power Rangers.

Top your bagel off with one of the unique cream cheese spreads. Choosing the fruity pebble topping, I was far from disappointed. They also have flavors like maple walnut, birthday cake, and Nutella.

Stop number two is much more fitting for lunch or dinner. The Black Tap is known for their burgers. And while The Mexico City burger did the trick for me, I was more interested in the crazy shakes. These shakes are enough to put you into a sugar overload. What would have been a perfectly good strawberry shake, was also topped in blue and yellow cotton candy, blue and pink rock candy, a pink lollipop, and pink, white, and blue chocolate malt balls.

If chocolate is more your speed, they also serve a sweet and salty concoction, suitably called Sweet N’ Salty. This shake is a peanut butter shakes with chocolate, pretzels, and a sugar daddy piled on top.


There has to be more than that! What am I missing?

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