Travel Essentials: Italy

As a green-eyed, freckle- faced blonde, I am destined to stand out from a group of dark haired, olive skin beauties. But, in Italy fashion is a large piece of identity.

In most tourist destinations, anything flies as far as apparel. However, if you want to “do as the Romans do,” here are a few tips on dressing like a local.

In a few words, when it comes to Italian style- the trendier the better.

What you will see…

-Dresses/ Skirts- mid thigh to knee length
-Light colors and blush tones
-Sandals and sneakers
-Wedges or heels (not recommended on cobblestones road)
-Light, airy materials

-Short sleeve, button up shirts
-Nice jeans
-Dress shoes

What you will not see…

-Yoga pants
-Neon colors
-Short shorts on women

Know before you go…
1) When it comes to packing, keep in mind that many locations -even tourist areas- are ancient cobblestones streets. Depending on your travel plans, a rolling bag may not be the most conducive piece of luggage.

2) In churches, the common courtesy is to cover your knees and shoulders. Even on hotter days, bring a light sweater or scarf to cover up. If not, out of respect for other visitors, locals may ask you to leave.


3) Italy, like many known tourist locations, are known for their gypsies. When it comes to day-to-day luggage, find a sturdy cross body bag with inside pockets. When walking through large crowds, keep the bag in front of you. Use the inside pockets to store your more valuable items.

4) All gelato is good! However, shops with the words gelato artigianale mean that the gelato was hand-crafted and homemade.


5) Bring the bug spray. Mosquitoes come in abundance searching for fresh blood…literally.
6) Key phrases

-Ciao: While this technically means hello. It is more commonly used in terms of saying hey to someone you know well.
-Grazie mille: Thanks a million!
-Buongiorno: Good morning/ good day, said only until afternoon.
-Buonasera: Good day, good afternoon, good evening, hello- This is a more formal way to say hello. This greeting can be said at any time throughout the day.
-Buonanotte: Good night, said only to someone when you are heading to bed and will not see them the remainder of the night.

Where in Italy are you heading? Enjoy your stay! 

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