Sweet Spots: Phoenix

For as often as I am in Phoenix, I am sad to report that I’ve only found three shops that have earned a slot on the sweet spots list. I am sure there are more, but for now these two are sweet enough to hold you over.

The Toasted Mallow– This place will leave you wanting s’more! I have never been anywhere like this before. Just like a fancy ice cream shop, this is a gourmet s’more made to your liking. First, choose which kind of graham cracker crust you’d like. Next, select which flavor of mallow you’d like from a variety of flavors like carmel and birthday cake. Then, choose how you would like it toasted, even that perfect golden brown. Finally, choose your toppings, like cotton candy, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles.

If the gourmet s’more is not your jam, then there are alternative choices like frozen coffees with marshmallows and mallows pies.

Fatty Daddy’s– For a state that is naturally hot, I was surprised by how well Arizona knows how to do toasted marshmallows. This next dessert literally combines my three favorite sweets; ice cream, macarons, and toasted marshmallows. If you’re looking for a simple ice cream dish, I still highly recommend this place. The ice cream is locally made and the flavors are unique, like Captain Crunch and Whiskey Irish Cream.

sweet sports phoenix wordpress cover

A Bakeshop– I first fell in love with their beautiful wedding creations, and was so excited when I heard they had a brick and mortar shop. The quick detour from Sky Harbor airport is worth the adorable and delicious French-inspired pastries and macarons.


What did I miss? Let me know in the comments!

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