Miss Spokane Monday: The Forum

This past weekend, 19 other women and I gathered in Renton, Washington for the annual Spring Forum. This, for those of you who don’t know, is the weekend in which all of the contestants get to know each other a little more, learn more about the organization, find out contestant numbers and then find outContinue reading “Miss Spokane Monday: The Forum”

Exercise class preps runners for annual Bloomsday race

Each year during the first Sunday in May, tens of thousands of people from around the world, such as from Kenya, gather in downtown Spokane to participate in Bloomsday, a 7.46 mile race around the city. Bloomsday, which will take place on May 4 at 9 a.m., is not your average race. According to theContinue reading “Exercise class preps runners for annual Bloomsday race”

Roller derby girls jam and block in URC

In a combination of hockey and football, roller derby brings a whole new level to contact sports. Women of opposing teams pushed and shoved for the purpose of allowing another teammate to get by and around the track. Both teams were dressed in their uniforms and some spiced up their outfits by wearing colorful leggingsContinue reading “Roller derby girls jam and block in URC”

Miss Spokane Monday: The change

Purple Ribbon Gala April 6 What a wonderful evening I had tonight. The Miss Spokane Scholarship Organization and I attended the Purple Ribbon Gala for W.H.E, or Women’s Healing and Empowerment Network. The court and I’s task for the evening was to greet the attendees as they came in and show them to their seats.Continue reading “Miss Spokane Monday: The change”

Exhibit magnifies year-long efforts

What used to be nothing but white walls is now a room full of color, design and stories to be told. The Visual Communication Design BFA Exhibition was held on April 18. Here, EWU seniors in the Visual Communication Design program, or the VCD program, showcased their final projects. One of the largest pieces wasContinue reading “Exhibit magnifies year-long efforts”

Business fraternities connect students to networking, etiquette opportunities

EWU students dressed in slacks and blazers and put on their best manners as they learned how to properly handle themselves while attending a business lunch. Eastern students had the opportunity to learn this and so much more during an etiquette luncheon on April 18. EWU’s co-ed business fraternities Alpha Kappa Psi and Beta Alpha,Continue reading “Business fraternities connect students to networking, etiquette opportunities”

Fraternity runs 170 miles to raise $10K

A marathon is 26.2 miles, the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, however, has vowed to run a little over six times that length for a good cause. From April 18-20 the men of EWU’s Phi Delta Theta fraternity will start their 170-mile journey from their fraternity house on campus to the Wild Horses Monument in Vantage,Continue reading “Fraternity runs 170 miles to raise $10K”

TRiO hopes awareness week will capture attention

According to a retention specialist, over half of Eastern’s population is eligible for the TRiO program without even knowing it. Amy McGreevy works as a retention specialist for TRiO student support services and said students who are either first generation, come from a low-income family or students with disabilities may be eligible for the TRiOContinue reading “TRiO hopes awareness week will capture attention”

Literary festival places spotlight on national and regional authors

Get Lit! is the perfect place for aspiring writers with over 40 reading and writing events taking place in one week. The 16th annual Get Lit! is a large literary festival run by EWU that will take place from April 7-13 at various venues in both Spokane and Cheney. Get Lit! Director Melissa Huggins saidContinue reading “Literary festival places spotlight on national and regional authors”

Cultural student organization celebrates Native American tribes

When the name NASA is heard, space and rockets ships are typically what first comes to mind however, at Eastern, NASA has an entirely different meaning. NASA stands for the Native American Student Association, which is organized and advised by the staff of the American Indian Studies Program, or AISP. “It started here, on thisContinue reading “Cultural student organization celebrates Native American tribes”

Surviving senioritis starts with outside motivation

Senioritis is the crippling “disease” that seems to seep in around this time of year, with the symptoms of excessive laziness and lack of studying. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid senioritis. EWU students weigh in on how they are staying motivated until graduation. “I try to involve myself in other activities outside of schoolContinue reading “Surviving senioritis starts with outside motivation”

Blood drive saves and memorializes lives

Giving blood has the potential to save three lives every time. “[The blood] gets divided into three different components, the platelets, the plasma and the red blood cells. So, one unit could potentially save three lives, depending on the recipients’ needs,” said Row Peters, Inland Northwest Blood Center’s Territory Manager and EWU alumna. The CollegeContinue reading “Blood drive saves and memorializes lives”