Miss Washington Wednesday: The Realization

Welcome back for week two of Miss Washington Wednesdays! I can’t believe one week has already flown by, but I think “Miss Washington- Kailee Dunn,” is finally starting to settle.

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Pike's Place
Pike’s Place

So, let’s see. Since the last time I wrote, I have had another busy week. 

On Thursday, July 10, I met with the incredible Wayne Bliss and we began to work on my talent piece for Miss America. Now, I thought I loved the song before, but after he and his music companion Eugene put their own little spin on the song it is safe to say I am head over heels. I cannot wait to share my talent with everyone on the Miss America stage come September. 


Later that afternoon, I had the first portion of my promotion shoot with Brad Brotherton at Brotherton Cadillac Buick and GMC. I wore an incredible LBD and even more incredible shoes, both from Mario’s in downtown Seattle. The shoot took part in the dealership and with an apple red Buick Encore. Come to find out that a little later I would receive the keys to my very own Buick Encore! (For those who were asking, this is the vehicle I have the honor of driving during my year of service. No, I don’t get to keep it…darn. lol) 


I asked for name suggestions and the winner was…Tad because the cute little guy resembles a tadpole! 

Tad and I were then off to the Tri-Cities on Friday.


My visit to the east side of the state began with an interview with Kevin Uretsky at KAPP/KVEW. It was so nice to be back on the TV set where I ended my year as Miss Tri-Cities in 2012. You can watch my interview with Kevin here!


Saturday required me to wake up early so my parents and I could move my stuff from my apartment in Cheney and have enough time for me to get home for the Tri-City Dust Devils game.

I threw out the first pitch at my old stomping grounds. Yes, the ball made it to the catcher and yes, it went across the plate. It just may have bounced off the plate into the catcher’s glove. After I threw my heater, I got to celebrate with several of my high school friends who weren’t able to make it to Miss Washington.


I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support that I received from those not only from my close friends or past co-workers, but really the entire stadium. 

A huge thank you to Kevin and the Dust Devils for having me! You helped to make a weekend I will never forget. 


When I returned back to the west side, it was draft day! Or, at least that’s what it felt like. It was Miss America lottery day, and for those of you who don’t know what this is about let me explain. Starting at a certain time, a random state will be chosen to pick their spot in the Miss America line-up. There are three groups who will compete in different things each night. Well, after patiently waiting for two hours, Washington finally popped up on the computer screen. I chose Alpha group #2! I just happen to be 48/53 to be chosen, but I really am ecstatic with my positioning. I will compete in talent on Tuesday, on stage question on Wednesday and swimsuit and evening gown on Thursday!


With that now set, it is time to finish paperwork and hit the ground running even harder! 

60 days until Miss America!

Until next week,


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