Miss Washington Wednesday: The Process

Here we are yet again my friends! Welcome and happy Wednesday!

I called this weeks blog the process because of the many weeks of preparation it  truly takes to make sure everything is close to perfect before I leave for Miss America. I found myself wondering today if I have really utilized my time as Miss Washington thus far to the fullest. The answer is that, much like anything else, it is a process. There are things that must get done before a routine is set. There must be a road laid down before the tires can dig in. Now, I am excited to say that because of this process I see a smooth road ahead and I’m ready to cruise down it.

It has been another crazy fun week and I was able to put a few miles on my car as I traveled from Puyallup to Tri-Cities to Spokane and back to Puyallup.

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Miss Washington Wednesday post 3

Since last week, I have shipped off my final Miss America paperwork, finished a long and very well deserved list of thank you cards, and spent 3 long hours sifting through old photos trying to find 6 prime photos that may grace us with their presence in the Miss America program.

On Thursday of last week, I met with the fabulous Jill Ogden for my first hair consolation. She made it silky smooth and tamed the mane a little. My hair was so shiny smooth for the rest of the day that my pony tails would just fall out!


Before heading back to Tri-Cities on Friday, Peggy and I stopped by Wayne’s studio to pick up my final cut of “Someone Like You.” I have to tell you the song itself is phenomenal and I cannot wait to sing it for everyone at my send-off on August 24 and on the Miss America stage come September.

Saturday then started off early with a talent rehearsal at Kennewick High School for the show which would take place a little later that evening.

Next stop was Tayler’s Miss America’s Outstanding Teen send-off party, which I had the pleasure of emceeing at the Tri-City Country Club. IMG_3857

Tayler is someone I have had the pleasure of getting to know quite well over the past few years and it has been so exciting to see how she has grown and excelled. I say this not just because she is now my sister, teen, and good friend, but because I believe it with every fiber of my being. She is ready for the week of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen and the job of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen. I am SO beyond excited to see her rock that stage NEXT week!

Following the send-off, Tayler and I had dinner with the Miss Tri-Cities judges and then it was showtime! IMG_3869

There are no words to explain just how nice it was to be back in the same auditorium where I first began my pageant journey with so many incredibly supportive people.

At the end of the show we said farewell to Miss Tri-Cities 2013, Janae Calaway (who always seems to make me cry somehow…darn her 😉 ) and we crowned Samantha Brown Miss Tri-Cities 2014!

Here is just a minute with your new miss:

Sunday started off early with a trip to Spokane to gather up the rest of my things from my apartment in Cheney.

Following, I was off to River Park Square for my Homecoming party courtesy of the Miss Spokane Scholarship Organization. It was so fun to see familiar faces, like my teen Elaina and the Spokane Indians mascot Otto!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.41.39 PM

Monday then started off even earlier with a 5:30 am interview with KHQ. I was there to help promote KHQ Cares, Northwest Shares, which was asking for donations of all kinds for those affected by the recent fires.


In the afternoon I paid a visit to Audrey’s Boutique in Spokane. They are a FANTASTIC sponsor for the MWSO and the owner Victoria knows how to set a girl up! Keep an eye out for outfits courtesy of Audrey’s during my week at Miss America!10501948_10152586892115827_312531697681695953_n

Peggy and I then headed back to the west side and since returning, I have spent the time catching up on some sleep, finding those lovely photos/ videos for Miss America and catching up with a very good friend of mine who now lives in New York!

Here are some of the gems that didn’t make the Miss America cut:

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