Miss Washington Wednesday: The New Miss Seattle

Better late than never right?

Miss Seattle kicked off the 2015 pageant season here in Washington this past weekend. Congratulations to your new queen, Taryn Smith. Here is what she had to say just moments after being crowned!

For those of you who were not able to make the event, I want to quickly describe to you my favorite part of the show! At the beginning of any pageant, contestants are typically asked to introduce themselves. At Miss Seattle, the contestants did just this, but in a very unique and modern way. One by one the ladies walked down the “white carpet” in a fun and fabulous dress from Dolce Bleu-an incredible dress store in Seattle and our newest Miss Washington partner! Instead of introducing themselves live, the contestants strutted their stuff across the stage while a personalized voiceover played. It wasn’t so much a parade of contestants as it was a fashion show. It was so fun to see the different styles and colors on different body types!

Overall, I thought the pageant was very well ran and all of the ladies did a stunning job on stage! Kudos to you all!

Until next week,


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