Girl Meets World: Greece

While beautiful, Greece may lack political structure. KT has experienced this first hand. In addition, she has learned that despite the hardships, there is a big lesson to be learned from the people.

GXC: What is the hardest part about living in a Greece?

KT: First, the language barrier. The second is getting accustomed to their culture and way of life.

GXC: What do you miss most about the US?

I miss my family and friends. But, I also being home for the holidays.

GXC: What is one thing you wish people knew about Greece?

KT: No photograph can justify how beautiful Greece is. It is very picturesque.

GXC: What stereotypes have you encountered about the US?

KT: I was in Greece during the Presidential election. People could not believe that Americans would vote for Donald Trump. Many people I spoke with assumed it was a joke.

GXC: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned living in Greece?

KT: I’ve learned to appreciate being a citizen of the U.S. Greece lacks structure overall and I’ve learned to really appreciate that about my country. However, I love that Greek people put relationships first. Like many other European countries, Greek people spend long periods of time at the dinner table and live a more relaxed life overall. They put people before work, and I think that is something that Americans could work on.

GXC: How has this experience change your perspective on the world?

KT: Every time I travel to a different country I grow. After living in Greece, I’ve realized that not all countries are as fortunate as we are. Greece recently went through a financial crisis and it shows. Many people are still struggling to make it financially. There is noticeable homelessness and frequent theft in the city of Athens.

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