Sweet Spots: Boston

When you think of Boston, you may think of the wicked harsh accents, sports legends, or uber intelligent young professionals. However there is something that is massively underrated- food!  Forget the chowder. This beautiful city has something for every food lover. However, if you are looking for the classiest places to dine or the booziest brunches, this article is not for you. Now, if the thought of rich cream, decadent chocolate and hand made gelato makes your mouth water, then step up to the plate…or dish, or cone for that matter.  Here are some of the sweetest spots in Boston.

1 & 2: Clash of the cannoli

“It’s my first time to Boston, what should I do?” The majority of time the answer to this question will be Mike’s Pastry, or Modern Pastry.  The combination of handmade Italian cream and flaky shell from Modern would make any true Italian happy. However, the flavor options at Mike’s lends a little diversity to the classic cannoli. People love to take sides, but honestly why choose?

Travel tip: Be prepared to stand in line, and pay with cash. 

3. Maria’s Pastry Shop

If you are in the North End of Boston, you must stop at Maria’s Pastry Shop. This bakery was actually recommended to me by an Italian man while I was in Italy. Case and point: he knows what he is talking about! The traditional baked goods range from pignoli cookies to marzipan to napoleon. Because it is an authentic Italian bakery, the sweets are not Americanized and loaded with sugar. Funny enough, you can taste how real the ingredients are. This is an excellent spot for the semi-sweet tooth.

Travel tip: Be prepared to pay with cash. 

4: Flour

Located in Back Bay and Cambridge, Flour Bakery + Cafe is a petite shop known for their breakfast and baked goods. One of their signature items is the sticky bun. This famous cinnamon bun is glazed in ooey-goodness and topped with roasted pecans. Chef Joanne Chang also recommends the pain aux raisins. Find one of their many locations near you.

Travel tip: For a seat, visit during off-hours. 

5: Tatte

Another well-known shop known for their baked goods and breakfast is Tatte Bakery & Cafe. They too have several locations dispersed around Boston, Cambridge, and Brookline. While their breakfast options, like the breakfast sandwich, are just as good as their baked goods, we are here to talk sweets! I highly recommend any of their tarts. They offer fruity selections like a raspberry, blueberry, or even raspberry chocolate. However, staying on the nut trend, one of Tatte’s most longed after treats is the pecan tart. In a sweet syrup mixture and short-bread-like crust, this pecan tart will send your tastebuds flying.

Travel tip: For a seat, visit earlier in the morning on weekends or during off-hours. 

6: Omni Parker House

You know how some may say that nothing beats the original? This is the case for Omni Parker House– home of the original Boston Cream Pie. According to the hotel, this creation was first served in 1856. Unlike other replicas, this spongey cake is a combination of cake and cream. What this “pie” lacks in a middle layer of cream, makes up for in bursts of other flavors. Surrounding the moist center are flakes of coconut and accompanied by the infamous chocolate topping and drizzle.

Travel tip: While this treat is offered in the Omni’s fine dining areas and bar, this sweet treat is also offered on the go. Stop by the hotel’s cafe to take one for the road. 

7: The Chipyard

Located just down the street from the Omni Parker House, The Chipyard is nestled in Boston’s Quincy Market. These traditional baked cookies are perfect for munching walking around the city. For a decent price, you can choose between six or twelve bite size morsels. Including chocolate chips in all of their flavors, this is a stop for the chocolate lover.

Travel tip: Be prepared for large crowds, as Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall are popular tourist stops. 

8: Emack & Bolio’s

This. place. gets. me. Emack & Bolio’s slogan is “ice cream for the connoisseur.” First, let’s start with the ice cream itself. Handmade ice cream and unique flavors help to set this shop apart, like “deep purple” chip, peach, and maple walnut. Order it in as a shake, a cup, or (my favorite) a cone. But, not just any cone! Covered in melted marshmallow, the cones are then dipped in your choice of Oreos, Rice Krispies, Fruity Pebbles, and Fruit Loops.

Travel tip: If you get a crazy cone, ask for a cup to make sure all of the goods stay together.

9: Amorino

Try a taste of Italy in Boston. Amorino on Newbury creates fresh gelato and constructs flower-like cones. Choose one, two, or three flavors and top it off with a macron. If a cone is not your first choice, try one of their frappes, granitas or sorbet drinks.

10: The Cookie Monstah 


Last, but certainly not least is the monter…I mean monstah of them all! The Cookie Monstah truck moves around Boston spreading the cookie ice cream combo love! Even if you’re not in the mood for the combination, they also sell their cookies and ice cream separately. The truck was so popular, that they now have a brick & mortar shop in Danvers, MA.

Travel tip: Check their Facebook for updates on their whereabouts. 

Something missing? Let me know!


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